Harlingen "Texting Ban" While Operating Motor Vehicle in Effect

Friday, January 13, 2012 - 6:04pm

A new ordinance is now in effect in Harlingen....

No texting, gaming or accessing the internet while operating your vehicle...

"This is known to be a problem nationally as we had numerous auto accidents and collisions that were created because someone wasn't paying attention and being distracted by texting. We hope this ordinance will improve driver safety and the quality of life in Harlingen," said David Osborne, Harlingen Police Departments PIO.

Several other cities throughout the valley have enacted ordinances like this to improve safety along the roads.

"The officers will be looking for drivers who are distracted, typically you can notice when they're not maintaining their lane while they're driving, maybe swirving, not paying attention and the officer will observe for the signs of someone texting and if that's found to be the reason they will be cited," said Officer Osborne.

Several drivers we spoke to agree with the ordinance. Some driving texters themselves admit that it's a dangerous habit...

"It's a good idea because there can be less accidents on the road. Most people get distracted by leaving the phone like on the side or on their lap vibrating and they'll immediately text and I guess if they can't wait they'll start putting their knee up and they'll start looking down and swerving on to the side can cause serious accidents like that and I hope it gets better with this law," said Destiny Garzoria, a supporter of the ordinance.

"It's kind of dangerous to be texting and driving because your whole idea of worrying what your texting and you’re not worrying about what's around you while you're driving, “ said Robert Zimmerman , a supporter of the ordinance.

Breaking the law won't be a slap on the wrist either, so next time you're in Harlingen, it's best to put the phone down and keep your eyes on the road.

Now if you are caught texting while driving you could face up to a 200 dollar fine for each offense.


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