Four Sea Turtles Killed From Illegal Gill Net

Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 1:53pm

Texas Parks and Wildlife found this illegal gill net near the Jetti's in the Gulf Tuesday. The net stretched a mile long in the water.
Jeff George is with Sea Turtle Inc.

"They started cutting up the net and started noticing hundreds of fish and sharks and unfortunately a dead dolphin."

George says nets most likely came from Mexican fisherman.

"The fisherman will string them right at the border and the currents will bring them into US they are indiscriminate as to what they catch and are deadly."

Texas Parks and Wildlife was able to pull up 17 sea turtles on the net, unfortunately four did not make it. 13 others were brought to sea turtle inc for treatment.

"We examined them there were a few cuts from the nets, we issued some antibiotics tagged the turtles, the good news is they got a second chance and we put them back in the Laguna Madre."

Wednesday afternoon the US Coast Guard brought in another illegal gill net with more than 50 fish in inside.

This time dozens of sharks died. Three sea turtles were caught on this net ut the US Coast Guard was able to safely release them back in to the water.

The US Coast Guard and Texas Parks and Wildlife will continue to be on the lookout for illegal gill nets and try protect those precious endangered sea turtles and other fish living in the water.

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