Fire Leaves Mother and 4 Daughters Without a Home

POSTED: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 11:03am

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 11:39am

This is the home of Emily Perez. She's has lived in this home with mother her whole life. Within the last year her mother passed away.

"This is the only house I have ever known it's been my house for a very long time she left it to us as she past and now it's gone."

Perez was in her home this morning with her 4 daughters who are 12, 11,10, and 7.

"We ran out, they were in pajamas and barefoot, we just took off."

Precious memories that meant so much to Emily Perez were lost in the fire.

"My parents had just past so we have a memorial for them, there pictures, my daughter won a championship for state fore chess and a proclamation and its gone."

Perez recently inherited the home. Perez does not have her home owners insurance set up yet. That's why the community is coming together to give them donations.

Brownsville city commissioner for District 2 Jessica Tetrau along with city of Brownsville is also trying to help collect donations.

"All I can say is these four little girls are having such a traumatic thing happen to them and as community we need to come together and help them."

They are asking clothes and donations. As for the fire investigators say the fire started in the back of the

home. They are treating the fire as accidental at this time.

Here is how to donate:

Accepting clothing donations at
Livingway Leadership Academy
350 Rubén Torres

Gena wears size 14 clothing size 6 1/2 shoe
Shannon wears size 14 clothing size 6 shoe
Faith wears size 7 clothing size 10 shoe
Veronica wears size 10 clothing size 10 shoe
Amelia (mom) wears size 10 clothing size 6 shoe


You can drop off any donations at Fiesta Graphics located at 205 Paredes Line Rd. or the the Brownsville Police Dept. Westside Community Network Center located at at 1763 Hwy 281 are drop off locations.

You can contact District 2 Commissioner Jessica Tetreau at 459-4444

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No insurance AGAIN....When will this stop?

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