Experts Say Tropical Storm Don Will Miss the Rio Grande Valley

POSTED: Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 3:06pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 2:45pm

The latest models have Tropical Storm Don headed northwest toward Corpus Christi, just missing the Rio Grande Valley but we still remain under tropical storm watch because as we know with these storms, anything can change and the slightest shift could be a total game changer.

That’s why Cameron County remains watching the latest updates, the latest model tracks, just to be prepared. Cameron County Judge, Carlos Cascos, says the county is ready for the storm if it decides to come this way which is unlikely.

Local weather experts predict the storm will continue its path and spare the Rio Grande Valley and by that, they also mean we'll be missing the much needed rain. By early afternoon, the center of tropical storm was located about 430 miles east-southeast of Brownsville. Don is getting stronger with winds of 45 mph and it's moving west northwest at 14 mph.

Although our region isn't predicted to be affected, county leaders do expect to see some effects on the beach. Judge Cascos says there may be a small storm surge and waves a bit higher than normal. He urges residents not to risk it by going in too deep.

The county has about 30,000 sandbags ready to be distributed if the storm changes direction and decides to come our way. County workers will remain on stand-by for any changes. Pumps will also be on stand-by but as of now, they will not be utilized.

But with hurricane season lasting for several more months, judge Cascos urges you to start getting prepared for any other potential storm threatening the Valley.