Colonia Residents Dealing with Flood Waters.

Friday, July 2, 2010 - 10:08am

It's time to clean-up and get back to normal following the first hurricane of the season, but a colonia on the outskirts of Alamo was struggling to deal with flood waters in their neighborhood, Daisy Martinez has the story.

The Alamo Fire Department started their day with rescue efforts in an area near Tower Road. First they rescued an elderly man and then a woman and the reason why they were rescued was the flood waters in their neighborhood. In some sections of the neighborhood the water came up waist high and leaving homes with two feet of water inside them.

It is the second time that the neighborhood has been inundated with flood waters in their homes. The first time was with Hurricane Dolly and now with Hurricane Alex and now want county officials to take action because of the loss of thousands of dollars in property damage. Residents say they were recuperating from the damages caused by Hurricane Dolly and were not ready to take on another disaster.

Most residents are not looking for monetary gains they just want Hidalgo county officials to fix the problem so it won't happen again. Rescuer workers did work on pumping out the water in the neighborhood with about 8 pump trucks.

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