City Beefs Up Security on Jogging Trail

POSTED: Thursday, July 22, 2010 - 8:29am

UPDATED: Thursday, July 22, 2010 - 2:10pm

When the sun goes down officials say it's not just work-out enthusiasts taking advantage of the 16 mile long trail that stretches across Brownsville and some who use the trail regularly are beginning to take notice.

"There are a lot of people that come here at night that are not working out." A regular cyclist said.

But just because they're not working out, doesn't mean they're not active, it's just the wrong type of activity for the trail.

There's activity from drinking after dark, to anything you can imagine that would happen in a public area at night when people aren't around." Chris Patterson, the Brownsville Recreational Services Director said.

And when some of these people leave, they're leaving their beer cans or messages behind...

"I've seen some walls written on with some gangs signs." A regular runner said.

Patterson worries that some of the bikers or joggers on the trail seeing this graffiti, or seeing questionable characters hanging around may feel it's not safe.

He assures residents the city is taking measures to keep the trail safe. For one, a security guard has been hired to patrol the trail, the first sign of illegal activity they'll contact police. Signs will also very soon be posted with trail hours and anyone on the trail after hours may be fined. Lastly, all lights on the trail are now up and running making it safer for night time workout activity.

With it being a public trail, Patterson says you never really know who's out there and what's going on, so even with the city doing their part to make it safe, users still need to be aware of the their surroundings both night and day.

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My husband and I have seen the jogging trail, and absolutely love it, but we did notice a number of local teens just hanging around. This activity made my husband uneasy and asked that I avoid jogging on the trail with our toddler and infant in the jogging stroller in the evening hours. I'm going to be making a temporary move from San Diego, CA to Brownsville for a few months and if security really is "beefed" up, I'm sure I'll utilize the jogging trail nightly.

TY Chris Patterson, Charlie Cabler & all those who've worked diligently 2 improve this quality of life improvement in da city. May we continue 2 improve da trail by the planting of native plants 2 attract wildlife so we can boast of the longest nature trail in Texas! We should coordinate efforts from various groups 2 adopt sections of da trail like da state does 4 the ROW on the Hwys. The Parks Dept. with da Bro. Beautification Committee could come up with specifications & maintenance contracts.

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