Child Safety Seat Awareness

POSTED: Friday, June 11, 2010 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 2:45pm

Buckle up or get fined! That's what most local law enforcement agencies are stressing to their residents nowadays, especially after a new law pertaining to child safety seats came into effect last September.

Due to the many calls to the police department, Harlingen Police speak out on the safety of having your child buckled up.

Harlingen Police Officer, Salvador Carmona, patrols the city of Harlingen on his bike and he says time and time again, he sees kids unbuckled, something that can turn tragic in just seconds. Of course, he says once pulled over, drivers use the most common excuse, not enough space in the car.

But even after all the excuses in the world, Carmona, along with every other police officer will not take the new law lightly. Any violator faces up to $250 in fines.

For the children, there are three different types of car seats, one for the newborns who will need a rear-facing car seat.

All infants need to be on a rear-facing car seat until they are a year old and weigh at least 20 pounds. The second type is for those over 20 pounds. The convertible car seat and third type is for the older kids.

One very important piece of advise to always have in mind: Car seats expire every six years. The expiration is placed on the back of the seat and if you do get in an accident, you must replace the car seat.