Car Thieves Arrested Minutes After Stealing SUV

Friday, June 24, 2011 - 1:13pm

They told agents they were making a trip into Matamoros to see the doctor, a noticeabley damaged steering column told a different story.

Twenty one year old Mario Humberto Tirado and 36 year old Olga Borrayo were caught, in what turned out to be a very recently stolen SUV, so hot it hadn't even been reported stolen to police yet.

While questioning the driver, agents at the B&M Bridge spotted the damaged steering column and the fact that there was only a single key dangling from the ignition, both red flags that the two were on more than a mission to get to the doctor’s office, but more like to transport a stolen vehicle across the border.

"Here at the police department the defendant was mirandized, he gave a statement implicating himself in the thefts of several different cars,” says Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Val Antonio.

Four others to be exact, two cars and two trucks. Police say the vehicle theft spree started on June 12th and was interrupted last night when the two were questioned in the stolen Tahoe.

the passenger in the vehicle claimed she was unaware they were traveling in a stolen vehicle, but the driver told investigators she knew what she was doing and even helped.

"She was an active participant in not only driving the vehicle to Matamoros, but also assisting in the physical break in of the vehicle," says Antonio.

Police say Borrayo stood to gain profits from delivering the s-u-v into Mexico.

More arrests in this case are possible as Tirado named other accomplices.

As for now the two remain in police custody. Tirado who has been charged with five counts of vehicle theft and one count of organizing in criminal activity, his bond has been set at 120-thousand. Borrayo who's been charged with only one count of vehicle theft and organizing in criminal activity has been given a 40-thousand dollar bond.


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