Cameron County Faces $4.9 Million Dollar Shortfall

Friday, August 6, 2010 - 9:32am

Thursday a meeting was held in the Dancy building. County Commissioners taking suggestions to balance it's proposed $69 million budget for fiscal year 2010-2011, which is facing a $4.9 million shortfall. The public had their chance to suggest ways cover the shortfall, but no one from public gave a suggestion.
One way to cover that short fall is increase the property taxes. An increase of 2.3 cent would generate $3.1 million dollars. But that's something many commissioners, the judge, and Cameron County residents do not want to do.

"I am not looking into supporting a tax increase. We can find monies within our budget we need to downsize government and not making it grow bigger."
"People are broke, it's hard to pay the taxes, a lot of are unemployed."
"They are high enough, we don't need anymore of that."

With the lack of suggestions brought forward tonight at the special meeting Newscenter 23 brought the question to streets of Cameron County to ask what residents think the county should do to cover the shortfall.

"Someone has to layoff of a few people. They are giving themselves raises and a lot of highways and streets are not being fixed. "
"Stop building schools, there are too many already, crossing over the bridge would a good idea charging a lot more for people going back and forth."

Next Thursday commissioners will vote on maximum tax rates for this 20-10-2011 fiscal year. They say they also plan to had more workshops for people to give their input how to cover the shortfall.

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