Cameron County Distributes Sandbags Ahead of Tropical Storm Don

Friday, July 29, 2011 - 3:41pm

Several sandbag distribution centers across Cameron County served residents Friday.

Since Monday crews have assembled about eight thousand bags for the distribution location in precinct one and two, bringing the total number of available sandbags across Cameron County to about 30 thousand.

Many who came through the line Friday said it’s better safe than sorry. Tropical Storm Don is expected to bring a few inches of rain across the county, but just a few inches in some places, like low lying areas, could be a big problem for some neighborhoods.

“There are a lot of low lying areas in Cameron County so this is why we try to prepare these bags to give to our residents so they can protect their properties,” said Precinct One Commissioner Sophia Benavides.

Six bags per vehicle were available to those who came through and for the most part, while there was a steady flow of customers, there wasn’t ever much of a line, at least not Friday morning.

“I was thinking, I said I’m going to call Mr. Cascos because they should be doing it ahead of time because they should be doing it ahead of time instead of waiting in line for one of two hours, so this is great,” said Mary Chirinos.

She said she lives in a low lying area and on top of that, the windows at her home sit low to the ground, a similar concern for resident Naomi Cabrerra.

“It’s kind of low where i live but i have two glass doors in the back that are kind of low so I just want to make sure no water comes in the rooms,” said resident Naomi Cabrerra.

The sandbags not picked up Friday, will be stored in case a future storm heads our way.

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