Brownsville Residents Worried About Firework Stands Near BBQ Stands

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 6:14pm

We spoke with several considered people that say they are worried about firework stands right next to BBQ businesses."

On FM 802 there are several fire work stands, next to this one is an open pit BBQ stand.
We spoke with a resident who lives in the area. He is very concerned with how close they are to each other. He chose not to show his face.

"They have charcoal and they light it up I am afraid that it's going to blow up."
"It's open fire so I am worried that the thing can lit up and have a big problem here. There is a big neighborhood here, there is a school close to it."

Just a couple feet down the road we found a fire work stand right down the street that sells hamburger's and other items. We spoke with Juvinto Rivera who works at Valley Fireworks.

"Are you worried that there is fire stand next to a place where there is BBQ? It's closed, they said they would be on vacation for 10 days, and we would be able to sell fireworks."

But we spoke with Christopher Chavez who lives right across the street from the firework stand and says that's not true.

"I have you seen that open within the last few days, yes I have."

Chavez like the other person is concerned about the two businesses being so close to each other.

"It's very dangerous, it doesn't look safe because it has the barrel with the grease right next to it and could create an explosion also creates traffic where the fireworks are."

For now residents say they can just look and hope nothing dangerous happens.

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