Brownsville Police Chief Speaks Out On Officer Involved Shooting

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 1:45pm

At the Cameron County Sheriff's Department the Cameron County Sheriff and the Brownsville Police Chief holding a press conference about the officer involved shooting.

This is the scene Monday night on Paso Real. Brownsville police this man 40 year old Frank Matthew Long was driving recklessly and took police on a pursuit through several streets.
Police say :Long hit a parked vehicle on Paso Real and at that point an officer with three years experience on the force ordered the suspect out of vehicle and police say he did not comply.

"The suspect backed up the vehicle at that point he drove the vehicle towards the officer the officer feared for his life shot at the driver a couple times, he had to move out of the way in order to avoid from getting hit."

Police Chief Carlos Garcia says they are still investigating how many rounds were fired but he says based on the casings at the scene at least nine rounds were fired. The suspect was hit one time in the lower abdomen.

"we still need to work on the investigation but I feel very good that it was justified."

Police the pursuit continued the driver eventually swerved fish tailing and hitting a tree. Officers were finally able to subdue Long.

"Very fortunate that no innocent bystanders or more property damage was done, very fortunate."

Chief Garcia says he had to chance to watch the dash cam video and he says the video clearly shows the driver driving reckless. The lead investigating department will be Cameron County Sheriff's since the incident happened in the Sheriff's Departments jurisdiction.

"We present to the DA and grand jury and let the grand jury decide on it which is the best thing to do."

Long remains the hospital with the bullet still in him. He remains in stable condition. No one was else was injured. When long it released he will be charged. The officer who fired the shots in on administrative leave.

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