Brownsville Home Invasion Suspects Arrested

Friday, February 3, 2012 - 5:11pm

Frightening moments for 5 victims at home on the 500 block of Acacia Lake Drive as they were robbed at gunpoint and tied up with duct tape and bound with plastic zip ties.

Police say these three men along with another man stormed into the home on December 10th, 2010 with ski masks and handguns. Once inside the home they tied up the housekeeper and a Gardner.

"They ransacked the house and looking for money for victims had."

The suspects found a gun in the night stand of the master bedroom. Following that the suspects waited for the homeowner to arrive. Later he arrived with two other people. They also tied them up. Police say thieves took jewelry and watches, but the thieves were not done yet.

"They forced the homeowner or victim to withdraw a large amount of money for him to turn it over to them."

The homeowner agreed to withdraw a large amount of money from his bank account the next day and drop it at a location on FM 106. The suspects then left the home. They told the victims to wait 20 minutes before they could untie themselves.

They suspect said if they went to the police they would kill them.
Police say the suspects left only a cell phone for the victim to get instructions were to drop the money.
The next day the homeowner withdrew the money and left it the location.
Three days later victims then went to the police.
Just a couple week ago through a year long investigation 3 three were arrested.

A fourth arrest warrant has been issued for Gabriel Ahumada who is believed to be in Mexico.

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