Bar Owner Upset About Smoking Ordinance

POSTED: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 4:32pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 7:36am

"It's going kill us, it's going kills."

Bartender Donna Fulcher at Southwinds Lounge in Brownsville is talking about an amendment to the cities smoking ordinance that will not allow smoking inside public places including bars.
Southwinds Lounge owner Kathy Jennings has been in the bar business for more than 50 years. She says 80-90% of their customers smoke, many of them veterans.

"They went to war, joined the service for our freedom and 6 people from the city should decide they shouldn't be smoking? We are going to lose a lot of business, they are going go to bars outside the city limits."

Both Fulcher and Jennings are worried about the future of Southwinds Lounge without smoking.

"I may lose it totally and I am on social security, I don't have a husband or any other income
I may have to go on welfare to meet my bills."

Fulcher and Jennings say they didn't get a fair chance to talk to commissioners about the change before the vote.
Fulcher says there was a workshop held by the city where they could voice their opinion.
It was taped and then was supposed to be shown the city commissioners Fulcher says only one commissioner attended the workshop and knows what they said.

"Nobody got to see it, the mayor didn't see it, the other 5 commissioner didn't see it to my understanding."
"It was a done deal they knew from the beginning some of the ones up their."

The smoking ban in bars will go into affect in 60 days. Southwinds Lounge says there are not giving up the fight and see what they can do keep smoking in bars.

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Vote them out how, I am a non-smoker but it should be up to the bar owner. It is very true people fouht for our rights and these worthless politicians take them away. Remember this when its time to re elect.

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