An American Missionary Fatally Shot In Mexico

Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 9:47am

Officials at the pharr international bridge approached a blue Chevy pick Wednesday afternoon. The male driver quickly directed officers to his spouse who was in the passenger seat with a ghuns hot wound to the head. 

Fifty-nine year old Nancy Shumen Davis was rushed to a McAllen hospital where she later died...
Pharr Police Chief Ruben Diaz says the american couple was traveling through Mexico when they were approached by gun men in a black pick up truck.
The incident happened in the San Fernando area just seventy miles south of Reynosa.

Police are still investigating a possible motive. They may have to look into their time spent in Mexico doing missionary work..
Chief Diaz tell Newscenter they are working with several American agencies as well as Mexican authorities. In the meantime he says people should be careful if they aretraveling into Mexico...

If you have any information about this murder you are urged to call Pharr Crime Stoppers at 787.8477 or the        24-hour hotline that's 1800. 648.8477.

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