Accident Sends Four People to the Hospital

Thursday, July 8, 2010 - 9:35am

A head-on collision in Brownsville, sends four people to the hospital, one of those in critical condition and neighbors say the speed limit needs to go down, Julio Olivo has more.

This was the scene on Wednesday morning on Paredes Line road in Brownsville, a three car accident, two of those head-on and it all started with this yellow Mustang.

"unknown reason why, the vehicle lost control, but it went from travelling north on the north bound lane travelling north on the south bound lane, in the inside lane, where it struck a Nissan head on." says Jimmy Manrrique, Public Information Officer with the Brownsville Police Department.

Upon collision the Mustang struck a Chevy Tahoe with its back end, neighbors that live in the area say the sound of the crash was extremely loud.

"i just heard a big, kind of an explosion, and I looked out the window and I see these three cars there just in front of my house, so, first thing I got, went outside to see what's going on and I see a bunch of people crawling out there and all I did was look for anything, fire or anything, I tried to assist people but the police crew got here real quick, and got everybody out." explains George Manual who lives across the street of where the accident happened.

"right now, there's a total of four people that were transported to the hospital, in both hospitals in Brownsville, however there's a person, a female passenger of the mustang, that was injured, his point she is in very critical, grave condition, hoping that she pulls through and survives this accident, but at this point we have one person that may be in very serious trouble, other than that, everybody is in stable condition." says Manrrique.

Other residents believe that incidents like this could be avoided if drivers would just slow down.

"Uno como residente de esta area, pues quisieramos que bajaran la velocidad un residents of this area we would like it if they lowered the speed limit, right now it's 45, but we see them go by at least 60 and 70, and it's a curve area here, so it's more dangerous to get in and out of the house." says Yolanda Magdaleno who owns a beauty salon on Paredes Line Road.

The accident is still under investigation and no charges against the driver of the Mustang have been filed, but a mandatory blood draw has been conducted.

"and that is just state law, every time you're involved in an accident and at least one person is transported by ambulance to the hospital, then a mandatory blood draw must be conducted on the driver of the vehicle at fault."


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