A/C Unit Torn from Cameron Co. Building During Hermine

POSTED: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 1:36pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 7:17am

It's a little more clear today just how much damage Cameron County suffered after Tropical Storm Hermine blew in on Monday night.

Cameron Co. Damage Assesors say the rooftop of the Goolsby building in San Benito suffered the most damage here in the county. Officials say the high winds peeled the roof back and pulled a 7 1/2 ton air conditioning unit from the structure.

Reports of tornadoes in the area may have also contributed to the damage.

This though, seems to the the worst of it, according to Cameron Co. damage assessors.

"Overall we did sustain a little bit of damage, more so the heavy winds that came in with the storm, we had a lot of minor debris blown in some streets, a lot of downed branches, nothing really major." Cameron Co. Damage Assessor Robert Lopez said.

While the wind was the main culprit, the county lucked out by avoiding any flooding.

“It was very ,very minimal. There was some standing water in certain areas, but nothing, nothing major where we couldn't get through it." Lopez said.

Lopez's department will gather all damage reports and submit final report to the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

"If they feel our area has suffered enough or sustained enough damage in the area here, they will assemble the team, activate the team and send them to the area."

If the states damage assessment shows assistance is needed, FEMA will be called in.

Now if you have any damage or questions regarding the storm, you can contact the Cameron County Emergency Management office at 547-700, they'll direct you to the appropriate department to handle your concerns.

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