A Weapon Used In Agent Zapata's Ambush Was Purchased In Texas

Monday, February 28, 2011 - 9:36pm

On February 15th ICE says that ICE agent Jaime Zapata from Brownsville was killed and other agent was wounded in an ambush in San Luis Potosi Mexico. Zapata was laid to rest in Brownsville last Tuesday at the Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens.
Monday the ATF says one of the one weapons used in the ambush that was recovered by the Mexican authorities was traced back to Texas, the weapon is a Romarm Cugir model Draco 7.62 pistol.

"We know it was used it the shooting but we don't know if it was the one that actually caused the death."
This investigation is typical of what we see, we see multiple purchases of military style weapons through a straw purchase and trafficked into Mexico and we spend a lot of resources on trying to prevent illegal trafficking to prevent all that violence."

The ATF says that the gun was purchased south of Dallas in Lancaster. Monday morning Federal agents raided two Lancaster homes. They arrested three men.

It's part of a bigger deal because these people were illegally trafficking fire arms, they were doing this more than once."

The ATF says that at least three firearms were recovered from the ambush in Mexico.

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