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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 9:52am

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Tropical Update: New Threat to Gulf?

A tropical convective mass sits over the Bahamas.  It has a 10% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center.  What makes the area of concern interesting is that lon

First hand look at a group of armed Americans patrolling the border

A controversial group of citizens have been patrolling the border for the last 3 months. Their mission is to deter illegal immigrants from crossing the border. They call themselves 'The Patriots'.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Wednesday will be beautiful and mostly sunny with highs of 94 in the Lower Valley, 99 in the Upper. The SE winds will range from 10-25 mph. Thursday will start out sunny but turn mostly cloudy late day.

Internships available at NASA for UTB students

Representatives from the Johnson Space Center in Houston visited students at UTB today to offer internship opportunities.

Chopper transmission line maintenance work on SPI

South Padre Island got some extra entertainment from the skies today. The electric utility is AEP Texas which hired a company to maintain their lines and that contractor is using a helicopter to fly from line to line.

American Legion to host town hall meeting, veterans crisis center in La Feria

The American Legion will conduct a town hall meeting in La Feria, Texas for veterans to discuss the quality of health care they are receiving from the Department of Veterans Affairs health care center in Harlingen, Texas and other VA medical fa

$7,500 reward for Mexican mafia gang member

Texas DPS has added a Mexican mafia gang member to the Texas 10 most wanted fugitives. John Guevara, 48, is wanted for parole violation.

Synthetic marijuana found inside Weslaco home

Weslaco police are working to figure out who's responsible for stashing synthetic marijuana inside a home.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Tuesday will be partly cloudy and beautiful with highs of 94 in the Lower Valley, 98 in the Upper. The SE winds will be breezy by afternoon at 10-25 mph.

Where Are We? In the Universe, That Is?

If you're like me, then the first thing you do when you enter a mall is look for the map.  I don't care if I've been to that mall 500 times, I need to know where all the stores are!

$481K to improve quality of life in Brownsville

Every year, Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation takes a quarter percent of the city's sales tax for projects that improve the quality of life in the community.