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One dead, another injured after 8 hour hostage standoff in Brownsville

UPDATE ON THIS STORY BELOW: http://www.kveo.com/news/investigation-continues-lovers-triangle-shootin...

Today's Weather Forecast

Thursday will be partly cloudy. We may see one or two drops, but the chance of any isolated showers is extremely low. Highs will be 93 in the Lower Valley, 99 in the Upper. The SE winds will range from 10-30 mph.

Why Was the Name 'Dolly' NOT Retired?

The following is a list of storms for the 2014 Hurricane Season.  Please note the storm name that begins with "D."  Anyone who has lived in the RGV for a few years will understand the significance of that name.  But why

Panhandlers could see jail time

Brownsville Police are beginning a three part approach to rid the streets of panhandlers.

Salvation Army, Valley Donuts and Mercedes Donuts partner for National Donut Day Fundraiser

Mercedes Donuts and Valley Donuts, in conjunction with the McAllen office of the Salvation Army, will take part in National Donut Day by giving away one free glazed donut to customers on Friday, June 6th, while supplies of glazed donuts last.

Cameron County tax office mails 2013 delinquent tax notices to residents

In light of the economic hardships faced by many, Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector Tony Yzaguirre, Jr. is trying to inform taxpayers who have not yet paid their 2013 taxes of a payment alternative available for paying property taxes.

Today's Weather Forecast

Wednesday will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a few more isolated showers. Highs will be 92 in the Lower Valley, 98 in the Upper. Thursday will be partly cloudy with highs of 93 in the Lower Valley, 100 in the Upper.

Migratory birds stops wind farm production in the gulf

A wind farm project that was supposed to be located in the gulf has been dropped. The proposed wind farm was to be placed in the water approximately 10 miles, north and east of South Padre Island.