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New $500,000 skate park in Brownsville

A skate park in Brownsville worth just over $500,000 began pouring concrete today.

Six women arrested on voter fraud charges

The six Cameron County people facing charges related to obtaining illegal votes, have been identified, and more arrests are possible, Na'Tassia Finley has more on what these arrests could mean for keeping future elections clean.

Border Patrol agents administer vital fluids, save man’s life

U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector encountered a severely dehydrated man, administered lifesaving fluids, reviving him at a ranch near Falfurrias, Texas Thursday afternoon.

Weekend getaway at Moody Gardens in Galveston

If you're looking for a weekend getaway before the kids head back to school you may want to check out Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Thursday will be partly cloudy with highs of 95 in the Lower Valley, 102 in the Upper. The SE winds will range from 10-30 mph.

Immigrant processing and education buildings to open in Harlingen

Two buildings located along North 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen are now being fixed up for immigrant processing and education.

Jose Antonio Vargas:This is political theater

Jose Antonio Vargas, "This is political theater. How can we say that the law is not being enforced when I, as the most privileged, high-profile undocumented person can get arrested and handcuffed at an airport.

Take the Higher Ground Series: Investing in a Go-Kit

The Cameron County Emergency Management Office says residents are too laid back when it comes to hurricane preparedness, Na'Tassia Finley has more in this weeks "Take the High Ground" series.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Wednesday will be partly cloudy and warm again with highs of 95 in the Lower Valley, 101 in the Upper. The SE winds will range from 10-30 mph.

$1 million, 70 ton donation to TSTC Harlingen

Wind Energy Technology students at TSTC in Harligen, don't have to leave campus to receive real life field training anymore.

11 year-old daughter stabbed nearly 20 times by her father

Starr County deputies are investigating a stabbing case where a father stabbed his own daughter nearly 20 times.

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VALLEY FORECAST: Tuesday will be partly cloudy and slightly warmer thanks to slightly stronger winds. The SE winds will range from 10-30 mph. Highs will be 94 in the Lower Valley, 100 in the Upper (Ranch Country).

The Five Ways Lightning Strikes People

The National Weather Service has prepared an excellent summary on lightning safety and awareness.  Let me summarize for you the five ways a person may be struck by lightning.