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Angie's List report: Does your pet need health insurance?

Most pet owners will do anything for their furry friends, but when animals get injured or sick the price tag can be overwhelming.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Not only has it been feeling like Christmas in the valley, it's now beginning to look like it. The fifth Annual Holiday Village is moving its way into Dean Porter Park in Brownsville.

No animal cruelty found at La Joya Police Department

A week ago someone filed a report with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's office alleging animal cruelty against the La Joya Police Department. The complainant was concerned with the health of K9 Paisano.

Cold water causes sea turtles to be 'cold stunned'

This cold snap in the valley has actually 'stunned' turtles in the bay at South Padre Island.

Player of the Week: Weslaco's Brian Guerra

Newscenter23 and Chevy dealers have team up to bring you The Chevy High School Football Player of the week.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Friday will start out very cold in the 30s. Coastal fog will be possible. Friday will be mostly cloudy and a little warmer with highs of 59 in the Lower Valley, 57 in the Upper. The North winds will range from 5-20 mph.

A Wind Chill Advisory Friday Morning. How is That Calculated?

A Wind Chill Advisory is posted for Cameron, Willacy, and Hidalgo Counties from midnight to 8 a.m.

"I Want to Know" What saves the most money on your electricity bill?

During extreme temperatures, your electricity bill can sky rocket whether you're running the A/C or the heat. What about turning it off during the day when you're not home? Will that save you money?

Check scam claims to pay for promotion of popular drink

With the click of a mouse, scammers send an email to your inbox claiming that you can help promote monster energy drinks, and score some quick cash for the holidays.

Happy 20th Birthday to Pharr International Bridge

The Pharr International Bridge is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month.

Coast Guard rescues 3 adults, 1 child from aground vessel in Intracoastal Waterway

A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued four people including a 10 year-old-boy who ran aground on their recreational boat just north of the Arroyo Colorado late Tuesday.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Thursday will be another cloudy and cold day with more rain. The chilly North winds will range from 10-30 mph. Highs will climb to 52 in the Lower Valley, 50 in the Upper.

Not One, but Two Mornings in the 30s!!!

Whenever I say "30s", farmers understandably get very nervous.  Let me begin this chilly warning with some good news for citrus farmers:  I do not think that we will touch freezing Thursday or Friday morning, unless you'

Be cautious when using space heaters during cold snap

A drop in temperature leads to a rise in calls to the fire department. The streets have slowed down as many people remain indoors for this cold snap, and the fire department remains empty.