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Holiday shopping saving tips

If you are one step ahead of your holiday shopping by making sure to purchase gifts for your loved one son Black Friday, you are a total shopping pro!

Tips on Hanging Christmas lights

It's that time of year for Holiday Cheer. Thanksgiving has quickly come and gone, now its time to start bringing out those wonderful Christmas decorations.

Texas Weather is "NUTS"... Literally

As you look at this photo of me with all those peanut products, you're probably saying to yourself: "Yes, that picture IS filled with NUTS!"  (Ha, thanks!)  But if you look closer, you'll realize that all those peanu

Angie's List report: 5 red flags when picking a locksmith

It’s late at night. You’ve locked yourself out of your home or car and you’re starting to panic. You call the first locksmith you find online or in the phone book.

Mother arrested in the death of her 2 year-old son

Hidalgo County Sheriff investigators have arrested a mother in connection with the death of her 2 year-old son.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Friday will be mostly sunny and a little warmer with highs of 80 in the Lower Valley, 81 in the Upper. The SE winds will range from 10-25 mph.

Brownsville Fire Department, never a day off

Not everyone gets the day off on Thanksgiving as the Brownsville Fire Department gets to spend theirs at the station.

5 children remain in hospital after deadly crash

DPS is still investigating Wednesday's car crash that left an 8 year old dead, North of Alton.  The accident happened on FM 681 and Moorefield Road.

List of stores NOT OPEN on Thanksgiving Day

Here's a few stores that will not be open on Thanksgiving this year. Most of these companies say, they're not opening on Thanksgiving Day so their employees will have a chance to spend the holiday with their families.

Today's Weather Forecast

THANKSGIVING DAY: I hope your Thanksgiving Day will be as wonderful as the weather. Be thankful for sunshine and highs of 77 in the Lower Valley, 78 in the Upper. The East-NE winds will range from 5-15 mph.

Do We Eat More in Warm or Cold Weather?

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day, closer to the family gatherings, closer to those little appetizers that only come out a couple times a year, closer to all the fixings, and, most importantly, closer to that giant turkey and tama

Vet's busiest time of the year. Careful feeding your pets on Thanksgiving

As we gear up for turkey and all the food for Thanksgiving, a word of warning comes from veterinarians about feeding your pets. This is one of the busiest times of the year for animal hospitals.

Rollover claims the life of 8 year-old girl, 9 other children taken to hospital

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the cause of a rollover accident that took the life of one child. The accident occurred today at around 1:50 p.m. on FM 681 and Moorefield Road north of Alton.