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Why Does the Rain Make Us Feel Good? Negative Ions, of course!

It's Super Bowl weekend on Newscenter 23, and I feel good!  So is it the football or all those "negative ions" floating around making me feel alert and energetic?

Wing places prep for Sunday's big game

A national study estimates that 1.2 billion wings will be consumed on Sunday for the big game.

White House announces plan to send $1B in aid to Central America

'It's been proven that fences don't work.' That's the message from Congressman Filemon Vela who fought to stop a bill that would put up additional fencing on Mexico border.

Texas Department of Agriculture accepting summer nutrition program

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) is accepting applications from eligible organizations to participate in summer nutrition programs.

Governor Abbott to establish new university research initiative

Governor Greg Abbott today announced a proposal to eliminate the Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) and use the ETF’s unexpended balances to establish the Governor’s University Research Initiative.

Two young boys born with missing hands get prosthetics made by a 3-D printer

A charity uses 3-D printers to make affordable prosthetics for children born without hands.

'My Big Game Party' winner announced

One of our KVEO viewers is a big winner. Denise Reyna was selected as the winner of KVEO/Pizza Hut 'Score Big' contest.

Tell us about your football story at #MyBigGame

We received an interesting response of Facebook to our request for the best 'Big Game' in our viewers lives. This came from David P. Allen, who says he proposed to his wife on Super Bowl Sunday in 1992.

Today's Weather Forecast

VALLEY FORECAST: Friday will be mostly cloudy and cooler with a few scattered sprinkles. A mild cold front will move in, turning the winds NE at 5-20 mph. Highs will be 73 in the Lower Valley, 72 in the Upper.

'E'cycle your electronics this Saturday

The bulk of what we throw away in Brownsville ends up in the landfill. But what about those old electronics taking up space in your home? Now, there's an event for that.

RGV's South Texas Rolleristas to hold first bout in Brownsville

There is another battle on the border. And this one, on skates.

Coast Guard interdicts another Mexican fishing crew poaching in the Gulf of Mexico

The Coast Guard interdicted a Mexican fishing crew poaching red snapper in the waters off South Texas late Tuesday night.