Angela Camacho Testifies in John Allen Rubio Trial

Friday, July 16, 2010 - 8:11am

Angela Camacho answered questions from state prosecutors and Rubio's defense attorneys for at least five hours today. She was asked to think back more than seven years ago to the time around March 11, 2003 when her three children, three-year-old Julisa, two-year-old John and two-month-old Mary Jane were beheaded and then stuffed in plastic bags.

This is the second capital murder trial for Rubio. He was previously convicted and given the death penalty but an appeals court overturned that ruling.

Camacho testified that Rubio told her they were murdering the children because they were possessed by demonic spirits.

Rubio's defense attorney's questioned Camacho on the written statements she gave police shortly after the time of the children's murders. Although Camacho looked like she was thinking hard to recall the statements she wrote, much of the time her answer was:

"it says right there, but I don't remember...I don't remember...I don't remember..."

Despite inconsistencies from her testimony today and her written statements from seven years ago, at times Camacho was able to talk about the murders in detail.

"I don't remember I just know that he got Mary Jane and started cutting her head, I came from the restroom and he told me to hold Julisa's legs and I hold Julisa's legs and he killed Julissa too."

Camacho told jurors that after the two young girls were beheaded, she and Rubio had sex. She testified that during that time Rubio asked her to make a pact with him, cut her wrist and his and joined their wrists together .

"Yes one of those,” Camacho said when state prosecutors showed her a knife. “So he used a knife like this to cut your wrist?” Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos asked. “Yes sir,” she replied. “To make a pact?” Villalobos continued. “Yes sir,” she said again. “A promise?” Villalobos asked. “Yes," Camacho testified.

It was until after that, Camacho testified, that Rubio beheaded her son.

Perhaps one of the highlights for state prosecutors came at the end of the day when Camacho testified that John Allen Rubio had written a letter to her while she was in prison with a request.

She testified, "he told me to act like I was insane so that I could go to a hospital or something like that."

Defense attorneys rebutted that statement by asking Camacho if she had been on medication to help control the voices she says she sometimes still hears till this day.

"So it had something about telling you to act insane?” defense attorneys asked. “Yes sir,” Camacho said. “Do you have that letter?” the defense asked. “No sir,” she said. “Why not?” asked the defense. “I threw everything away,” Camacho said. “Were you on medication when you saw this letter?” asked the defense. “Yes sir," Camacho testified.

Judge Noe Gonzalez requested that Camacho stay in Hidalgo County in case she is called up for more testimony tomorrow.

Reporting in Hidalgo County, Daisy Martinez, News Center 23.

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