Job Seekers Lacking Basic Work Readiness Skills

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 3:26pm

You can be really good at your skill set, but if you lack basic skills in other areas, it could cost you your job. That's according to Pat Hobbs, Executive Director of Texas Workforce Solutions Cameron County.

As of late, the workforce agency has been getting some alarming feedback from employers; those that are on the clock lack some very important work readiness skills that are required.

A few of the main concerns: appearance and dress, work ethic, time management and at the very top of the list...

"They don't communicate their goals and what they're capable of doing and have never worked in teams and that's the big deal on the job now, working in teams and communicating with supervisors and peers that's not a skill set this generation has now," says TWC Executive Director, Pat Hobbs.

Right now Texas Workforce Solutions Cameron County is working to put together a "soft skills" training program that will take about 20 hours for a job seekers to complete.

The course will cover an array of topics geared at helping a person *get a job and *keep that job.

If the training program proves successful, Texas Workforce Solutions plans to take their idea to the Society of Human Resources Managers.

"SH(e)RM they call it in the valley, to look at it and certify it so to speak, and have employers look at it and credential it," says Hobbs.

He hopes if job seekers come in with this piece of paper certifying their "soft skills" training that it will put the employer at ease knowing the potential employee has an understanding of work ethic and what is expected of them in the workplace.

Hobbs says if these people that are landing jobs lose them because of lack of work readiness skills all it does is create a vicious cycle that adds to our high unemployment problem; that's what the Workforce Solutions is trying to avoid.

Texas Workforce Solutions Cameron County will be meeting with the Society of Human Resource Managers next week to propose their idea.

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