Mandatory Evacuation for Residents in Los Ebanos

Monday, July 12, 2010 - 9:41pm

Rio Grande River Still Rising

Sheriff deputies made their way around town knocking on doors making sure people were packing up their belongings.

Yereli Mesa said deputies told them "that we should leave right now and take all of our stuff and our family as soon as possible."

Families wasted no time in packing their vehicles and trailers with their most precious belongings.

Adan Samuel Garcia said he was packing his, "trophies from baseball, my games, my PSP, my WII, my PS3, my movies.”

Officials Friday said that they would continue to monitor the waters of the Rio Grande River. With the water just feet from the streets and homes of Los Ebanos and predictions that the water will rise for two or three more days, officials had no other option but to call for the evacuation for everyone’s safety.

The Rio Grande is just inches from Juan Garcia's home. He was born and raised in this house, but today a group of friends and family members all helped get every belonging out of the home.

We asked how long the water had been so high.

"Since yesterday about one o'clock the water has risen about three feet,” Garcia said. “What can you do about the water? You can't hold it you can't ...You can redirect, it but there's always a fear of water.”

Reporting in Hidalgo County Daisy Martinez News Center 23.

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