Health Dept., Code Enforcement looking into house hazards

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 3:44pm

Animal Control was back out at the house off the 13-hundred block of east 17th street Friday to round up the remaining dogs before Code Enforcement and Building Inspections officers could safely enter.

The poor conditions of the property became clear to law enforcement when they arrived on scene Thursday to transport the victims to the hospital. Police then passed that information over to the Public Health Department's Code Enforcement Department who was out here Friday placing a public nuisance sign in the yard.

"What we're looking at right now is the high grass and debris, anything that could cause health issues. For example, mosquito breeding, rat harboring and all that so we're going to try to abate it within the next seven days," said Interim Public Health Supervisor Eraquio Garcia.

Hazards like these not only affect just this property but potentially the neighborhood as a whole.

"There's excrement outside in areas, there's feces around the yard, a lot of garbage strewn outdoors, so we've got some health concerns," said Public Health Director, Art Rodriguez.

And then of course major concerns for the residents, the victims of the dog attack, who were actually living inside.

"We've been told that indoors is actually worse. This has been one of the worst ones that we've seen in quite a while," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added the city will likely have to step in to take action with the health hazards and code enforcement issues outside of the home, but that they may need to go even a step farther.

"We also feel we need to get a hold of some other state officials to look at the welfare of the people who were living there, making sure that they will be taken care of so they're not returned to this environment which at this point we don't feel is a healthy environment or a safe environment," said Rodriguez.

Several agencies will be working together to address issues of the property and the residence wellbeing. No prior complaints had been made to the Health Department on the property’s condition.


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