Father Welcomes Imprisoned Marine Veteran Home

Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 10:50am

After four months in a Mexican Prison a former US Marine is back on American Soil. A veteran of multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq hit the road on what he hoped would

be a surfing trip to Costa Rica. But after crossing the US Border at Brownsville into Mexico. Hammar and a traveling companion were detained by Mexican authorities.

The issue? An antique shotgun Hammar was transporting the barrel of the gun was apparently one inch too short.

While he was realease Hammar was thrown into a prison in Matamoros a prison controlled by a mexican drug cartel. Despite efforts by his parents in Florida and American

Politicians Hammar languished for four months in a jail cell until yesterday.

And Hammar should be home in Florida with his family just in time for Christmas.

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