Education Nation: Searching For Solutions

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 9:06am

NBC's third annual Education Nation summit wraps with appearances from President Obama and Mitt Romney.

President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney weighed in on the critical issues facing education at NBC's Education Nation summit Tuesday.

Standing inside the New York Public Library Mitt Romney laid out what he calls crucial components for education reform.

"The key for me relates to great teachers and creating families that can support their child's education," he said.

In a pre-taped interview President Obama did the same.

"I am a strong believer that you get results by getting everybody involved," the president said.

Both men echoed the priorities expressed by educators in this year's Education Nation summit: The need for higher education standards in every community, the importance of a better evaluation system for teachers that rewards them with higher pay, and a demand that entire communities support their schools.

Where Romney and Obama don't agree is how to fund those goals.

President Obama plans to financially reward states using new national education standards known as "The Common Core".

"We're going to give more money to those schools that are serious about reform," President Obama said.

Romney would rather let states set their own standards, but tie funding to students, and let those students decide where to attend.

"I want to provide incentive at federal level to encourage states to encourage new choice," Romney said.

Two different approaches, both aimed at improving our children's future.

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