DA's Office Target of Hoax Bomb Threat

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 1:11pm

Not the typical start to the day for some Cameron County employees and residents, after they were told to evacuate two government buildings.

“It makes me nervous cause it's a government building and I figured it should be safe here so I 'm like, "What's going on?", says Santo Liscano, one of many who had to evacuate.

What had happened just hours before...an anonymous call warning of destruction...

"The information we have is that they left a recording in the District Attorney's office stating that there was an explosive in the administration building," says Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

The sheriff says the call came in at about 6 am and warned employees to be out shortly after 8 am.

Law enforcement in the building called for assistance and the Hazardous Devices Unit and the bomb sniffing dog came to check out the building. Meanwhile, employees and those doing business in the admin. building and the courthouse had to get out.

"We had to get out quickly, they just tell us it was an emergency and just evacuate the building to across the street from the courthouse so we did. And we found out supposedly it was a bomb threat," describes Liuscano.

“I imagine there are people out there that have nothing else to do and just prefer to cause trouble so they have something to do or entertain themselves," says evacuee, Armando Porras, Jr.

Luckily, that appears to be the case here Wednesday morning; a hoax, but one that will not go unpunished.

The sheriff says his investigators will continue looking into who was behind the call.

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