City Looking to Better Protect Vulnerable Pedestrians

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 2:25pm

It's one more way to make sure those on the roads are safer, but it's not necessarily referring to those behind the wheel.

"There are a lot more people out riding bicycles right now then there have ever been before. I think we encourage that a whole lot, but we have to make sure they're safe," says Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez.

City Commissioners are looking to make the roads safer for those not just behind the wheel, but also for those traveling alongside other vehicles.

"It basically allows people to understand that you have to give the right of way to those vulnerable persons," says the Mayor.

In Texas, on average, there are about 50 deaths and over 400 injuries due to pedestrian vehicle accidents yearly.

The proposed amendment emphasizes that Vulnerable Pedestrians and must have at least four feet between them and passing cars.

Aside from just cyclist, the vulnerable pedestrian term also refers to construction crews, city workers, and runners.

"I think a lot of cities are going towards this and we just have to get in step with that," says Martinez.

The Brownsville City Council will be discussing making the amendment to the City Charter at Tuesday’s council meeting. It will take two approved readings of the amendment before it is officially passed.

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