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SpaceX to attempt to land rocket on tiny ship out at sea

SpaceX says it will attempt a difficult landing next month involving a rocket base.

Today is National Candy Cane Day

Today is National Candy Cane Day. The striped typically peppermint flavored sweet treat is a mainstay during the holidays.

Yoga has physical and emotional benefits for Cancer survivors

We all know how important exercise is for our health and wellbeing, and some believe for cancer patients it has an even bigger pay off, Susan Hendricks has more in today's Health Minute.

"Secret Santa" surprises strangers

(KSEE) Santa has hit Clovis, California a few days early, surprising several Walmart shoppers at .

"Building block" home rises

(KING) Workers are assembling Seattle's first Cross Laminate Timber home, and it won't be the last.

Stolen Mustang returns

(KSBW) After 28 years, Lynda Alsip has her stolen 1967 Mustang back.

Santa saves the day

(KWWL) Normally in the week before Christmas, Santa Claus is incredibly busy preparing for that special night, but that didn't stop him from coming to the aid of a Dubuque, Iowa man who had been in a car accident.

Drowning in eggnog

(KSL) A Utah man is recovering after nearly drowning in eggnog. Even though the drinks at the party contained no alcohol, the heavy drink nearly put Ryan Roche out of commission for the holidays.

2014: Those who died

Mark Barger takes a look back at notables lives lost in 2014.

Drones: Know before you fly

(NBC News) The Federal Aviation Administration and some hobby groups have teamed up to kick off a national public awareness campaign about drones.