Bookstore Franchises Are Seeing A Major Decline In Book Sales

POSTED: Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 11:09am

UPDATED: Monday, January 7, 2013 - 8:43am

Many believe that traditional bookstores could be non-existent in the future.

As we are living in a digital age we look around and see less and less bookstores in our cities.

Flo Chapa is the owner of Book and Things in McAllen her businesses focuses on affordable used paperback books - her customers are also able to sell back books for credit purchases she thinks it's a unique approach to keep her business running.

For this local bookstore they're not about making profit through e-books or online sales instead they focus on selling books the old fashioned way.

Meanwhile, huge retail giants like Barnes & Nobles are jumping on the band wagon and intergrating internet retail sales for profit.

But despite that effort the retail giant is still struggling.

The saw a near 11% drop in sales at bookstores and online compared with a year ago.

And here in the valley we've seen a substantial amount of bookstores that have closed shop.

And while more and more readers are finding themselves reading books online only time will tell the future of books in modern era.

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