Bee Attack Sends Two to Hospital

Monday, April 9, 2012 - 2:16pm

Two people are recovering after a bee attack on Easter Sunday.

Spring is here and that means bees are on the move.

"As the temperature increases during the summer months we do see an uptick in the number of bees, they try to keep their nests cool so they will be more active in the summer," said Brownsville City Health Dept. Code Enforcement Officer II, Willie Gonzales.

Employees from the city health department came to the location off of East Avenue Monday morning to find the source of the bees. When the fire department and health department came out Sunday to find the hive, they were unable to because the bees were on the move.

Gonzales said that people at a home nearby were the ones stung, a 15 and 28 year old, but they're not sure what triggered them. He did say they were stung enough times to require a trip to the ER. They’ve since been treated and released.

“There could be thousands of bees in there, but it's kind of difficult to tell since the bees are inside the wall,” said Gonzales.

He added that the hive found is one of the larger ones, so big that some of the honey and a full honey comb fell from it because it's so heavy.

So what do you do if a swarm of bees is coming for you?

Run, run as fast as you can away from the swarm while covering your face and your head and definitely avoid what's probably your first instinct.

"We tell people not to swat at the bees. When you swat at the bees it releases an alarm and it triggers other bees to go after the same person," said Gonzales.

In the meantime, the health department is working to contact the owner of that vacant property so that they can handle the bee situation, if they don't, the city will take action. If you have a been problem in your area, contact the health department at 542-3437.

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