B-Metro Rider Upset About Bus Stop Change

POSTED: Friday, November 9, 2012 - 6:17pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 12, 2012 - 8:55am

This is 55 year old Jose Barron. This army veteran has been riding the bus for 15 years is trying to get to Sunrise Mall.
Because of construction near his home on Jackson his bus stop is closed, and he has to walk to the Elizabeth and Sixth street bus stop. The veteran walks with a cane and has back problems.

"I had to walk maybe 10-12 blocks."

Barron waits for awhile, then he catches the #13 bus Pablo Kiesel. We jump on the bus with him for around a 30 minute bus ride.

"How much do you rely on the bus? A lot because I don't drive basically all I do is walk, for far away places I rely on it a lot."

What Barron is really frustrated about is a recent change in B-Metro's bus stop at the mall,
It no longer exists for regular B-metro buses.
On the B-Metro website they issued a statement saying *Sunrise Mall Management* has asked Brownsville Metro to eliminate fixed route bus service to their property.
We contacted the Sunrise mall why the the change was made, they call is "a business decision". They say their parking lot was getting damaged and it wasn't get fixed, so change the was made.

"The distance its very far you see its way down there that's where the mall is at."

Barron and I start the walk. We keep walking. Now we are at the halfway point.
"People who haven't done it, they don't want to go any further because your only halfway."

We keep going and finally we are close.

"Jose right now are close to approaching the mall, if you can tell me approximately how far we went and how your feeling right now? Probably went a half mile or so, right now I am ok because of the wind its not bad, but if the wind wasn't blowing I would be sweating like a dog."

Barron says he wants the old stop back at the mall.

"60-80 steps and your are they at the mall compared to the walk we just did."

B-Metro says Barron does have one other option that's the city's Para-transit buses. These are smaller buses that provide service to eligible disabled people.
They provide door to door service from the persons home to the mall.
B-Metro says you have to fill out an application and meet a certain criteria. Barron says it's something he is going to look into.
for now Barron is just worrying about the walk home.

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