Seven Business Techs Who Deserve Lifetime Achievement Awards

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 4:42pm

 The list of entrepreneurs, inventors and major contributors to making the cyberspace you log on to daily an easier place to navigate is long.

As in any endeavor, though, the really major players are few, and they've left the biggest imprint on the way you experience the web. From revolutionizing the idea of a search engine, to making it easier for the private individual to own her own piece of internet real estate via websites and domain hosts, here are seven innovators and providers deserving of a lifetime achievement award who have helped bring the 21st century to you.

  1. This awards list wouldn't be worth the time it took you to read it if the founders of Google didn't receive a mention. Sergey Brin and Larry Page took their idea for a search engine model to beat all others from Stanford (as postdoctoral students) to the expensive landscape of Menlo Park, before moving to Mountain View, California.

  2. The tech visionary Steve Jobs, who made Apple products the coolest company on the block – with no end in sight - before his passing in the waning months of 2011 is considered more of a marketing guru than anything else. Still, he had an eye for design, as well. In two different eras, his iRevolution catapulted personal computing devices right to the forefront of technology, jumpstarting the mobile revolution with the family of products surrounding the iPhone. It’s even made sellers of iPhone accessories rich.

  3. Bob Parsons – responsible for launching GoDaddy to the forefront of the domain and web hosting forum with affordable prices and eye-catching Super Bowl ads. Parsons started out a bit differently than the other guys on this list, in that he was a Marine who served in the Vietnam War, earning three medals for his service. He then took his didactic programming skills to the forefront of the business world, when he saw a way to make web domain hosting affordable for everyone. If you have a website, it’s probably through, which outstrips its competition by a factor of eight as the largest provider in the nation.

  4. Bill Gates belongs on this lifetime achievement award list; if only for his gargantuan philanthropic work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – which is the largest of its kind on Earth. But Gates is actually here for his part in building Microsoft, which has made the web a different place than it otherwise would have been – for the better. Who doesn’t use some component of the MSOffice Suite, after all?

  5. The most prominent founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Although the site garners different views depending on whom you ask, there’s no questioning its positive influence in reconnecting old friends and helping people all over the world make new ones.

  6. Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter. With over half-a-billion users and growing, the microblogging network has changed the way you interact with other tweeters and celebrities. Breaking news often happens on Twitter before it gets to the major news networks, pointing the way to the future of journalism, perhaps.

  7. Last; but certainly not least, a collective lifetime achievement award goes to the major players at Yahoo! The site has withstood the rolling years better than many others around its inception, and continues to be a web force and one of the most visited sites today.