How Can I Get My Husband to Come to Church With Me Instead of Watching Football?

How Can I Get My Husband to Come to Church With Me Instead of Watching Football?

POSTED: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 3:42pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 2:05pm

When football season rolls around, Sunday means two very different things to you and your husband: church and football. You don't have to argue over which is more important—football or church, join forces and merge the two together. Church doesn't necessarily mean a building or a day of the week, but rather a community coming together to worship God. It's up to you to begin the merge of church and state (meaning football in this sense).

Stream It Live

Oh technology...we love you-- sometimes. Pastors are keeping up with the times too. For example, Ed Young offers streaming sermons via satellite through the Internet any day of the week. You can download podcasts and pull up a pre-recorded mp3. You could make a deal with your husband to worship Saturday night, in between games on Sunday or maybe twice during the week in place of the one Sunday morning service. Remember, you have to work together to find balance in your marriage and this means a little sacrifice.

Get Into It, Girl!

You know what's funny? Your husband is probably asking the same question about you: "How can I get my wife to be more interested in football on Sundays?" Weekends are short, so finding time to spend together is priceless. Join the team, girl. Get on board. Learn football and watch it together.

Where do you begin? Pick a team. Yes, you can pick a team because you like their uniforms or colors. Just pick one and stick with it. Need a few tips on rules of play? Guaranteed, he'd love to teach you the basics...but during the commercials, please. Ask during the commercials. Once you begin understanding the game, you'll find it quite a bit more enjoyable. Promise!

God Listens to Football Prayers

If you pay attention, you will begin to understand how many football players actually worship God. They are often giving him thanks and praise during games and press conferences. One player, in particular, has come into the spotlight for his strong belief in Jesus. New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow is known for his outspoken devotion to the his Savior. He has to find other times to worship, as well. Maybe you choose the Jets to be your team and follow along with Tebow.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Going to the morning service might be the obvious answer to getting your husband to get into church during football season. At Ed Young's Fellowship Church near Dallas/Ft. Worth, for example, worship times begin at 10 a.m. Football begins at 12 p.m. (give or take an hour due to Daylights Saving Time) in Dallas so it's possible for him to join you for worship. If you want him to be more attune to your interests, you have to be open to his. It's a two way street. This is where learning about football comes into play. Go to church as a team, then watch football as a team. You both win!

Switch Church Days 

Church isn't only happening on Sunday, you know? Switching days will eliminate the skipped Sunday service. Wednesday and Saturday are popular days churches have services. Switch it up a bit during the fall season. You will both be the envy of the men and women that can't come to an understanding about gameday Sunday "funday." And points out that there's always Monday Night Football, as well as special Thursday and Saturday night games during the season.

Make a Deal

Worship happens. You can be sure he's going to church, whether on Sunday or Wednesday or online. Make deals like, "This week, we go to church at 12 p.m. on Sunday and next week, we'll go Wednesday at 6 p.m. and listen to an Ed Young podcast on Saturday." He will appreciate you understanding his passion for football and will be more into following through with your requests. Marriage is a team sport. Working together is one of the most important ways to truly enjoy each other's company.

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