Flowers Stand Out In Winter Even Among All the Glitter

Flowers Stand Out In Winter Even Among All the Glitter

POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 11:07am

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Flowers at any time of the year add beauty and bright colors to anything, anywhere.

They’re also great to have around the house. Often. Flowers are lovely decorating tables, shelves and tops of dressers in master bedrooms. For a continuous festive look in your home, choose flowers from florists shops, stores and online sites, such as Christmas flowers at and 1-800-Flowers.

Any number of flowers you see can be made into any arrangement, and can transform your home into a winter wonderland. There are many holiday arrangements to choose from that give your home an eye-catching display for Christmas parties or just for your family to enjoy.

Stay With Tradition

One such flower that grace many a table is the Poinsettia, dubbed the Christmas plant because of its red color and festive look. They can be found in pretty much every department store home and office, and are simple and beautiful.

Yet even with their omnipresence, they’re large velvety petals and leaves still stand out. In addition to dining tables, you can place poinsettias on coffee tables, end tables, even countertops and shelves for a festive look.

They are also the chosen Christmas gift flower to give to someone, who you perhaps don’t know too well. They last a fairly long time if watered regularly, so your home retains their rich color throughout the season.

Gorgeous roses are a must for a sweetheart, or again for a decorative display at your holiday get-together. Because roses come in many different colors, you can do so much with them. Red and white roses make for an elegant look. Couple them with amaryllis and they complement each other nicely. When giving as a Christmas gift, pair them with sugary candy canes and a sweet-looking teddy bear, wrapped in a colorful gift bag.

Viva la Difference

If you're looking for big, bright flowers as a display, red Gerbera daisies and white lilies are a stunning look sure to garner compliments from friends and family. Place some holly berries and evergreen in-between, in a festive vase, and enjoy the impact.

If you want Christmas wreaths to adorn your door or wrapped around a porch light, evergreen is the popular choice, because you can stick pretty much any flower in the wreath, making beautiful personalized creations.

Instead of the traditional red white and green Christmas colors, pick classy plum and burgundy carnations, with white roses littered throughout, in a matching square or oval vase. Carnations are a very popular flower, because they are inexpensive and last a long time. Plus, carnations come in many different colors and sizes, so you can match your décor. Also, you can stick carnations in wreaths, or even in festive containers to give away as gifts. 

Said with an Accent

You can also find Christmas flowers at in an array of mini blooms that are nice fillers for the large lilies, daisies and roses. Mini hydrangeas and white campanulas make for a sweet decoration for a small tabletop Christmas tree, or intertwine with garland for a festive appeal. Mini roses are also striking when paired with attractive lilies or carnations.

Flowers on Your Tree – Yes!

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, it's not possible to decorate with live flowers because without water, they will die, but using silk flowers can have the same beautiful effect. Red roses, white lilies and carnations, holly berries, and many more silk flowers can really make a Christmas tree freely floral.

For a Christmas dinner, place a simple, sweet carnation at each table setting, or a small, decorative vase, filled with mini roses. Your guests are sure to praise your creativity.

You can buy a 1,001 different flowers from many different online florist shops, including,, or

Warm Hearts

Mothers and grandmothers enjoy getting flowers from their loved ones, especially at Christmas time. A peppermint hydrangea plant that displays a burst of ice pink and white blooms is a perfect addition to their tabletop or sitting on an end table in a front room. If they live in warmer climates, they can display a beautiful bouquet of white lilies and red roses on their porch or balcony. A variety of seasonally-arranged Christmas flowers, should last many weeks.

When decorating for the holidays outdoors, garland is always a favorite because evergreen doesn't fade. Place festive silk flowers inside the needles and string around a door or hang from a window. Garland can also be used with Christmas lights to light up your home. Inside, stick flowers in a garland and wrap around a railing or around a tree,

A Future Touch

Decorating with tulips will also add a sense of the future coming Spring to your holiday look. With these versatile flowers, you can arrange them in most anything for a festive display. You can use just tulips or couple them with roses and carnations, with Baby’s Breath, and place them in mall corners of your home.

If you're decorating your home in a more non-traditional, yet still elegant way, choose exotic flowers, such as orchids, lotus or anthurium.

Make it you. Don’t decorate just for others, create what you’ll love, too.  

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