Fitness Resolutions - Making and Keeping Them

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 4:00pm

Do you set fitness resolutions but never achieve them? Sadly enough, you are not alone. Statistics show 40-45% American adults make one or more resolutions each year. The good news is through careful preparation and the aid of a good workout routine you no longer have to be included in that number.

The biggest problem many people run into when they set out to lose weight or keep fit is their lack of planning. It is not enough to say, “I need to stop procrastinating; I am going to start my regime on this date.” Eventually the reality of all the hard work you have to put in will overtake your desire to make a change. Do not let this happen to you. Below are a few suggestions from Wellsphere that will help your preparation process and strengthen your chances of success:

1. Set a Plan- Think about what your fitness goal is. How will you achieve your fitness resolution? (What type of exercises, at home, in a local gym…etc.?)

2. Be Realistic- It is important to know yourself and what you are capable of. If your goals are unrealistic, you are doomed for failure before you even begin.

3. Track Progression- Be sure to keep up with every aspect of your routine and all the results you have. Recording the changes you make will keep you motivated. Keep in remembrance muscle weights more than fat so a scale will not be the most accurate detector of your progress.

4. Ask for Help- You do not have to be alone. If you find yourself quitting or lacking support, involve others. Consult with a profession, research fitness magazines or connect to others on internet forums. 

5. Enjoy Yourself- If you are not having fun chances are you will not stick to it.


Crossfit- What is CrossFit you ask? Crossfit is a collection of various movements performed at high intensity levels to optimize fitness. It promotes cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility. The routines are never the same and gradually intensify. (If you are a beginner start slowly and work your way up in intensity).
The Firm- Is a great exercise geared toward women. It is a combination of cardio exercises mixed strength training to perform the optimal workout at home. They offer a wide collection of dvd’s and an online member’s club.

P90X- Perhaps the most notable fitness program on this list, P90X is an intense workout designed to do at home. Its success is due to alternating movements that target every part of the body. Similar to Crossfit, P90X needs to be done at an individual’s discretion. (Start at a pace you are comfortable with and can continue to keep up with).   

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