Fiber Optics - the Forgotten Technology

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 2:03pm

For just one minute sit back and think about how advanced technology has become in a short amount of time. Remember those days when computers were huge and the servers took over an entire room? No, few people do, but we do know they existed.

How about when internet was dial-up and you could take a nap while waiting for the page to open? This forgotten technology has now been enhanced to successfully speed up the internet for your business. Meet the ethernet, fiber optic cables connecting you to the world.

The main options for business internet are Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and many choose both. The cost effective solution without sacrificing speed and security for a network would be a fiber optic ethernet.

Fiber optic cables are laid, connecting remote sites to the mainframe. The benefits are clarity, speed, reliability and security. Fiber optic cables are also easily maintained, efficient and most of all cost effective. A high bandwidth increases efficiency. The fiber optic network has over 145,000 national route miles and is 40G capable. It is flexible and scalable.

The internet traffic is masked with a unique customer ID thus ensuring the utmost security for data. Connectivity statistics are viewed through a secure web portal and fiber optic providers give 24/7 support. Thus ensuring business continuity and providing immediate disaster recovery. All data is stored and backed up.

Wi-fi is an alternative as it provides higher speed and is mobile. Wi-Fi is more expensive to install and upkeep, however. The signal can be affected by various disruptors, such as the weather, usage of other electrics such as microwaves or cellphones in the vicinity. It is unreliable over distance. The ethernet is more reliable as cables are permanently laid and not subject to signal disruptors like Wi-Fi. Any business will find it rather irritating that when there is strong wind, severe rain or static in the air you find your signal fades and your internet is hardly any faster than the ancient dial up (56kbps). With the fiber optic cables, unless physically removed they have no interference during nature’s best displays.

Online you can find quite a few websites where technicians will come out to your premises and do a full examination and quote as to your internet requirements and needs. They will fit and ensure the ethernet is up and running. With the 24/7 support hub a phone call away, using and doing business on the internet has never been better.  For a trustworthy, secure and cost effective solution get fiber optic ethernet now.  

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