5 Most Popular Jobs in the Chicago Area

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 9:17am

What makes a job feel more like pleasure depends on the person. Some judge the perfect job by pay, some by prestige, some by how much playtime they get off the clock, and some by the passion they find in their chosen career path. Whatever the case, you'll want to be able to step into something you love after graduating from one of the Chicago area colleges. As you dream about your future goals, glance at this list: five of the current most popular jobs in Chicago. 

Business Management
Good managers are needed in the workplace, and it is often a neglected area. Like nursing, management jobs present challenges and rewards of their own, especially as they deal with human relationships within the workplace. Because of this and competitive salaries, general and operations managers, and management analysis teams have some of the most popular jobs in Chicago today.

This is always a profession needing excellence. For those with a calling, nursing and dentistry jobs are still high on the list. Registered nurses, dental hygienists and assistants and licensed practical nurses require a lot of you, but give a lot back, too. If you want to help people and want to spend time in one of the Chicago area colleges, the educational demand of these jobs will prove worthwhile.

SEO Specialist
Software developers, engineers and computer specialists continue booming as industry leaders these days. As the internet affects our daily lives, it also affects the marketing of our lives — big time. For this reason, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategists have one of the most catapulting careers in the Chicago area right now. Businesses are quickly learning that to increase their brand campaign, the Superbowl and television ads do not work as well as creating informed, searchable content. Because making your website's content relevant is a continually growing art form, the number of SEO specialists hired every year continues to increase.

There is also a high demand for great teachers in Chicago these days, especially in the fields of special education, preschool and elementary education. Many people can think back on their favorite teachers that helped them find their chosen path. After spending time in one of our Chicago area colleges, they choose to pursue work in this much needed, fulfilling career. 

One of the more surprising arts jobs that continues to grow is as a dance choreographer. Choreographers are projected to have the largest single growing occupation for 2010-2020 in Chicago, by the federal and state departments of labor. This is a prime way to pursue passion and play hard on the clock. There are rising work opportunities both for dancing and teachers all around Chicago and beyond. 

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